Monday, July 15, 2013

Boothbay View

I always try to get down to Boothbay Harbor when I visit my sister in Maine.
There are so many great views by the harbor.


  1. Oh how wonderful it would be to sit on that upper veranda, smell the pines and the sea, and simply be mesmerized by the sounds of the waves and cool breeze! Beautiful, Joan!

  2. Can see why you would want to visit, this is a lovely scene and painted beautifully

  3. Beautifully painted, all the reflections in the water..well done!!

  4. Joan!
    You are the best!
    You have painted Maine so well!
    We have been to Maine many times and your fine work brought back wonderful memories!
    Love this piece for Boothbay Harbor!
    Whenever we go we always think of the beautiful "Foggy days in Old Boothbay!"
    Keep Painting Joan!

  5. Thanks Sherry! It is probably a great view out of the harbor to some of the islands.

    Lorraine - Thanks!

    Hilda - Many thanks.

    Michael - Luckily you can usually count on a little fog there. Thank you.