Sunday, July 21, 2013

Family Sketches

On Wednesday I went to NJ to visit my sister, Mickey. Her two granddaughters were visiting her for the week, so we had a "Girls Day." There was jewelry making, sketching, and painting.

I did a sketch of Kateri who is 7 years ago. I made her look about we know what she will look like in the future. lol

Jadyn had been working on beaded jewelry. I have a lot of beads so I brought them with me.
She loves looking through them and using them for her creations.
Here are Mickey and Jadyn looking through a box of beads.

Here they are later looking at some of the necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that Jadyn made.

Katerie did some sketching too. She did a sketch of each of us.

I sketched her again.

Here is a photo of the four of us before we went out to dinner.

And Jadyn, Kateri and myself at the Hacienda, Mexican restaurant.

It was a fun time with them.


  1. Love seeing your sketches and glimpses of your family life too

  2. What a wonderful weekend you had, Joan!!

  3. Lovely memories and great sketches Joan.

  4. Dear Joan - these are the best sketches of all. Loved seeing you with your sister and her granddaughters. Looks like you all had fun. Take care and thanks for sharing this personal side - loved it!

  5. We all had a good time on our "Girls Day". I love your sketch of Jadyn and I. Glad that you could come and hang out with us for the day.

  6. Lorranine - Thanks.

    Sherry - It is fun to all get together...and without the guys! Thanks.

    Laura - Thank you.

    Debbie - Thanks. I enjoyed the day.

    Mickey - Glad I came out despite the heat. Thank you.