Saturday, November 13, 2021

Surrounded by Color

The colors here are probably at their peak real bright reds but I'm happy with the oranges, rusts, and yellows. This was down the road looking toward the Sayville LIRR Station parking lot.

Today, like most days I went out sketching only to have the sky turn very, very dark and then have the blare of a tornado warning coming out of my phone. There was no place for shelter so I just headed home watching the sky just in case. Hit a huge downpour on the highway and luckily everyone was content to go really slowly with their blinkers on. Not very nice weather for sure.



  1. Wow, glad you got home safely! What a calm-before-the-storm your other sketch was!

    1. Thanks. They tell you to go inside, but when you are someplace unfamiliar what do you do? I was out east in the middle of farmland yesterday.

  2. I really like the composition and colors of this one. The unsettled weather we had last week brought us some very cold days we are now experiencing. Yes, the peak has come and the trees will be ready for winter, soon!