Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Seville Cement Company

  On Saturday after we sketched the train station, Suzala and I stopped at another location she had seen while riding around recently. We had stopped to check it out on the way to the station and figured we would have it for a future location, But we had time enough to stop and sketch there too. I think it is part of Seville Cement Company. There was no name anywhere, no workers anywhere, but the gates were wide open, so we just drove in and parked. I googled the area to find out where we were and found a website for the cement company. What makes me think that might be right is that there were Seville trucks parked on the property. This was so much fun to sketch with all the ladders and tanks and whatnot. I used my Lamy pen and permanent ink. To get the shading I touched a wet brush to the point of the pen to pick up a little color.


  1. How interesting and fun place to find. You did a great job on the sketch. Applause to you and your friend for a good day out sketching!

    1. Thanks, Jo. I love when we find a new place that is unusual. It's a nice change from all the landscapes.

  2. I would love to sketch something industrial like that. Wondering if they have any security/safety issues with sketchers around?