Thursday, November 4, 2021

Bayville Bridge

 On Sunday two friends and I went up to Bayville on the north shore. I think it is the town that Billy Joel lives in/lived in. It is pretty and has a scenic drawbridge that my friend, Suzala wanted to paint. The bridge is under reconstruction but we sort of ignored that. Suzala had visited the area the day before and got permission from Bay Marine to paint from their marina.

The weather was colder than most days recently but we brought along layers of clothing just in case. By the end of the day I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, a light weight jacket, a fleece hoodie, and a super heavyweight sweatshirt over everything. The sweatshirt is one of my favorite things because it is very warm. I think it is a men's XL and it will fit over a puffy winter coat and all my layers. I also had my warm hat and fingerless gloves on....but no winter coat. lol

Somehow I forgot to bring my case that holds all my pens (and pencils) so I had to do this directly in watercolor. I finished this painting on site and then did my Inktober sketch which was the last one for the challenge. Having some extra time I started a pen and ink of this same view but it needs a little more work. It got too cold to keep painting and we packed up for the day.


  1. This is so good. You do direct watercolor in a flowing way. Looks easy … it is not.

    You are a lot tougher than me. I don’t like to be cold. It is 68 in the house, we had 40 this morning and I have on a flannel shirt over my t-shirt. We should be in the 80s again by Sunday. Yay!

    1. I've learned how to dress for the cold so I'm somewhat comfortable. lol Thanks!

  2. I think this direct to WC sketch worked really well just like what you did with the ink and twig sketches of late.