Sunday, April 25, 2021

Yellow Magnolia

Usually when we think of magnolia trees we visualize the pink and white blossoms. This year I found a few yellow magnolia trees. This one was in Bayport. They are pretty but I still think I prefer the pink ones. They look more delicate for some reason. Which do you prefer?


  1. Beautiful, I like the contrast. I’ve only seen white magnolias … that I know of. Maybe I just didn’t notice what they were. The trees here don’t really lose their leaves. That could be a difference in types, too, I guess.

    1. It is funny because since I saw this one I've noticed more of them around. They had to have been here because they are big trees, but I didn't notice them. They don't stand out as much.

  2. Wow - who knew! I like the pink best but this is a great painting of the yellow