Wednesday, April 21, 2021

People & Faces Workshop

 On Monday afternoon I took a mini workshop through Etchr. The subject was drawing people and faces quickly as an urban sketcher. I've had a lot of practice putting figures into my sketches but I tend to fuss and take my time. I have been approached to possibly do sketches at a wedding ceremony...I haven't committed myself yet but I thought this workshop might give me some hints and it did. The workshop was given by Ro'isin Cure' from Ireland. I took a workshop with her at the Urban Sketching Symposium in Porto a few years ago. It was a good workshop. The colors she usually uses are Paynes grey, burnt umber, burnt Sienna, yellow ochre, and opera or opera pink. You can pretty much mix any skin tones from these colors.

She sketches people directly in ink using a fude fountain pen that she turns over so she is using the other side of the nib. She gets lines that are almost like sketching in pencil. She also sketches in brown waterproof ink. I have a fude pen but it is filled with waterproof black ink and of course wouldn't sketch the way hers did. So I was at a bit of a disadvantage in that respect. We worked from a reference page of sketches she had already done and she explained her process for each sketch as we followed along. She tends to leave a lot of the sketch white (especially on the face). 

She also spoke about the differences in sketching adults vs children and gave a few hints about sketching the "older" adults. Here are my results. 


  1. Wow, amazing and so well done. Easy to see they young vs old. Excellent work.

  2. Joan as always your faces are amazing. I stopped and checked out your previous posts. Just loved the one Over The Fence. It just shouts spring and Bellport Spring as well. I have been sketching and painting daffodils also. They are so fun to draw and paint. Have a super weekend. Hope it is a warm one. We have dropped into a freeze warning and praying our fruit crops make it😥! Hugs

    1. Thanks, Debbie. I have really been enjoying the spring flowers and blossoming trees. We had a temperature drop today too. Hope your fruit crops survived. Have a great weekend.