Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Northport Harbor

 On Saturday instead of zooming with the NYC Urban Sketchers I met up with three members of the group who happen to live on Long Island like I do. All of us have been anxious to get together and sketch so we met at Northport harbor. I've sketched in Northport before, but when I got there Ruth texted us where she was and she happened to be in a location that I hadn't been before. I faced this long building that must have been part of a boat club or something similar. People walked along the building to the front and then I couldn't see them. I was attracted to the dock with the walkways in front and all the jumbled things underneath the overhang. When I started sketching that area was so dark that about the only thing I could see were all the round buoys so I used a little artistic license for what was there. Although originally I thought about doing this horizontally. I wanted to be able to fit in the rocks and grass, the walkway and the view under the pier, so vertical seemed like a better choice. We all did one sketch and then just enjoyed hanging out in the sunshine and catching up on what we've been doing since we last got together. It was a really nice day!


  1. That sounds like it was a fantastic day, Joan! I hope to get together with some sketcher friends sometime soon!

    1. Thanks, Tina. We were in a nice, big park so we could be socially distanced.

  2. Very nice. In my mind very typical of a harbor. Super to be with other artists!!!

  3. What a great day to get together and your eye for details is certainly found in this sketch Joan. Isn't it wonderful to be able to get out with other artists? The things we took for granted in common times makes us appreciate them so much more now.

  4. It sounds like an amazing day just getting together with your art friends. I haven’t done that yet. But hopefully soon.... I’ve been going through your work and love all your sketches... for some reason my phone doesn’t allow me to comment so I’m on my Ipad... this particular sketch is really nice... the green boards with moss is so well drawn.