Thursday, December 6, 2018

Sewing Notions

My Wednesday night sketch group met last night. We were signed up to do the showcase in front of the library for the month of December and we've been doing some Christmas themed sketches when we meet and on our own. It took a while but this is the final version of the showcase. I have 6 sketchbooks in it.

Our theme for last night was "Sewing Notions and Haberdasheries." I always thought haberdasheries meant hats but apparently in England it meant sewing items. People brought along all kinds of things to sketch from a hand sewing machine to patterns. A lot of people had pin cushions...many of them with the little strawberry attached. My friend, Pat, usually brings along something unusual. She had a  small mannequin frame that belonged to her daughter and she set it up with some rickrack and other sewing items. It was fun to sketch.


  1. Wow you have some great sketchers in your group, starting with you!! The sewing collage is fun and well done.

    1. Some of them only get to sketch when we meet. I on the other hand, sketch continuously as you know. Thanks.

  2. A really nice display for the library Joan. Your notions sketch is super - what a great idea.