Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bakery Cafe

On Sunday I was out in Westhampton. The colorful awning and cute statue at the Beach Bakery Grand Cafe caught my attention. I had to sketch it and of course go inside. lol


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  2. I adore the little chubby baker.
    The red striped awnings bring vitality - love it!
    Happy New Year to you Joan. I look forward to another year of following your wonderful sketching adventures.

  3. Cute sign guy, and appreciate being drawn to paint the awnings! Umbrellas draw me in the same way. Wondering what you got inside? Happy Bew Year Joan!

  4. Thanks so much, Julie!!! Happy New Year!

    Lynn, I was good. I just had coffee and did a sketch inside. Thanks for stopping by. Happy New Year!