Monday, December 21, 2015

12 Ornaments of Christmas - Ornament #8 & The Big Duck

My 12 Ornaments of Christmas – Ornament #8 – Many of you have seen all the lobster sketches I do and can probably guess that lobster is one of my top two favorite foods. I do have a lobster ornament, courtesy of family in Maine. I’ll have to work on getting a pizza ornament since that is the other favorite food of mine.

When I was out east last week I drove over to see the Big Duck in Flanders that is always decorated for Christmas. Some day I'll get there when the little shop inside is open.


  1. The lobster ornament is perfect for you! And the duck place -- wow, that's fantastic! It's actually a little store?! What do they sell?


  2. The store at one time sold ducks. Long Island was known for their duck farms many years ago, but now there are very few of them left. The shop now sells touristy things. People are forever stopping there to take photos in front of the Big Duck.