Saturday, December 5, 2015

Art in a New Direction

I have been wanting to try sketching on my iPad mini for a while. Upon the recommendation of a friend I purchased the app Art Rage. It is fairly easy to navigate the app, but I find using the stylus not like regular drawing or painting. The tip is thicker and you can't see what you're doing and when I lift the stylus I can't always get it back in the same spot. I'm sure I will eventually work it out.

Anyway here is the first group of digital sketches that I did with the program...all at McDonald's while I was waiting for a friend to finish having a medical procedure down the street. There are always good models at Mickey D' the parking lot and in the restaurant.

Have you ever dabbled in digital art? How did you do?


  1. Quite a coincidence Joan. I've been playing with Artrage on my Surface Pro a lot lately. You've got a good start there.

  2. Great start, Joan. about the only way to get back to a spot is to make the canvas very large. I have some goofy screen saver on my iPad and can't use a stylus, so finger for me. Just have fun!

  3. Thanks David. It is a different way of sketching for sure.

    Jo, thanks. I didn't think about making the canvas larger.