Thursday, December 17, 2015

12 Days of Ornaments - Day 4 & Stables Nursery

My 12 Ornaments of Christmas – Ornament #4 – Many of the treasures hanging on my tree remind me of special people. This trio of Santas was bought when I was shopping with my good friend, Rosetta at the outlets in Secaucus, NJ. I think we were the outlet queens at that time. For many years Rosetta, my sister Fran, and I always did things and traveled together..sort of like the 3 Musketeers. I think of so many of our great times and crazy escapades every time I hang it on my tree. Rosetta, thanks for being such a great friend. Fran, I miss you!

I was out east last week near Stables Nursery. There were lots of people buying Christmas plants. I love that the bright umbrellas were still out.


  1. You are the best Joan! Have a great holiday season! I love your work so very much!

  2. Have got a little behind commenting on blog posts and know between now and January I wont keep up so wishing you a lovely Christmas and if I dont get time to comment I am still looking when can.

  3. Thanks so much, Michael!

    Lorraine, Have a great Christmas!!!