Friday, May 2, 2014

Sky Views

The other day I was in the car and the sky was just so great that I headed down by the water where there were fewer things to block the view. This was done from the parking lot of Lands End in Sayville.

But one was not enough. I finished the first one and did a second one.
These are about 4 x 5.


  1. Beautiful skies! Dramatic clouds are so much more fun to sketch than clear blue skies!

  2. One of the ways to get my computer to work at the moment is to get up and log on at stupid o'clock, which is what I've done today. I really like these skies Joan, so refreshing I can feel the breeze, and refreshing is just what I need right now !!!!!

  3. Oh how beautiful! The skies are gorgeous!

  4. Tina, thanks. Clouds can be such fun.

    Kevin - computers are sometimes so strange. Thanks so much for coming to visit.

    Sherry - Thank you.