Friday, May 23, 2014

Daily Life Sketches

Over on "Paper, Paint, Pencils, Pens" we have been sketching things that represent "Daily Life."

I began with my morning routine which includes coffee, oatmeal with berries...

and then I go off walking either alone or with friends twice a week.
I needed my walking sneakers.

Eating out is a fun part of daily life.

I was potting my herbs. I'm growing basil, rosemary, curly leaf parsley and dill this year.

My sketch group met in Patchogue to sketch one of the small corner parks.
Reu' ven was sketching on the right.

Food shopping seems to be part of every day for me.

And with the amount of driving I do to locations to paint and sketch I'm always getting gas.


  1. These sketches are so full of daily life. You always have such a colorful journal of sketches. Wow!

  2. Amazing sketches, Joan! I love them all but the potting soil is really nice!

  3. Brilliant post. Love these insights to your daily life. But you missed one - you sketching!

  4. Gorgeous sketches and your daily life sounds fabulous!!

  5. Thanks Jo, Hilda, Polly, and Sherry!

    Polly, maybe I'll have to do that one soon before this month is over and we move on to the next topic. lol

  6. All fun sketches. Love the park as well as the plants to be potted.