Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pink Tulips

Somehow these poor tulips never got photographed and uploaded when I did this.
My husband, Jerry bought me a tulip plant for Easter and the stems and flowers were all curled and wild. I really liked the way it looked but for the painting I sort of straightened them a bit so they would all fit on one page. lol Aren't they pretty?
This is 5 x 7.


  1. Pretty! You should have done one with them curled up too - maybe on a square paper.

  2. I love tulips, Joan and these are beautiful...and you'll have them again next year! the beauty of these flowers...!

  3. These tulips are stunning Joan - as is your previous painting of the forsythia. I had intended to paint some pink tulips last weekend but didn't get to it in the end but have taken photos for a later day. They are out of season here being that it's autumn but potted specimens are appearing in shops in readiness for Mother's Day this weekend.

  4. A beautiful spring party on the page!

  5. I love your Easter tulips Joan! They are easy to enjoy any time of the year!

  6. All delightful pictures Joan. The barn is great but these tulips top them all. I like the way you seem to have given as much attention to the leaves as the flowers, you've modelled them so well. Top job!!

  7. Mickey - I thought about doing another one but never got to it. Thanks.

    Hilda - Thanks so much.

    Tina - Thanks.

    Wendy - Thanks. It is great to see all the flowers around right now.

    Sherry - I like that...a spring party.

    Celia- Thank you. They are pretty flowers.

    Kevin - Thank you!!!