Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sketches for Paint, Paper, Pencils & Pens

I am still contributing to the blog over on "Paint, Paper, Pencils & Pens" (link on the right). Some of the recent sketches have been shown here but there are a few that I didn't post.

Our theme at the end of April had been "Humans And the Things They Do".
This is a sketch I did from a photo I took at my Mike & Rachel's wedding about a year ago.
Mike is one of my nephews who live in California. This is tiny...about 3 x 4.

For the same theme I used a photo my sister, Mickey had posted of her and her newest grandchild, Mary. I love the "sleeping" positions babies can get into. Again this is about 3 x 4.

This man reading was done from a photo I took in France.

For the beginning of the month of May our new theme is "Animals."
The baby lamb was done from a photo I had taken in Ireland last year.

The cow was also done from one of my photos of Ireland.


  1. Wonderful sketches, Joan! I love the one of your sister holding her beautiful grandchild and the lamb is precious! Wonderful work!

  2. What a lovely array of sketches to brighten up my day today Joan. All of them are gorgeous. I like that they all hold a story that is so personal to you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love each and every sketch, Joan...they are an amazing bunch of slices of life. You could easily illustrate a book. The farm animals would be a great place to start! Can you write a story to go with the images?

  4. Hilda, thank you!

    Laura, thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

    Sherry, thanks. It is fun to do personal ones.

  5. Dear Joan - so glad you shared these beautiful sketches...being an animal lover really adored your lamb and cow. Hope you are having a lovely spring day. I do visit Paper-Paint- Pencils & Pen blog too. So sometimes I catch your other sketches. As always so enjoy seeing your work.

  6. Thank you so much, Debbie!

  7. Thank you so much, Debbie!

  8. Aha! I knew that the sketch of me and Mary would turn up here eventually. I didn't know you did one of Mike and Rachel. These are all great sketches, and I can see that you are having fun with this theme.