Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Patchogue Garden Sketch

Last Wednesday the Patchogue Sketch Club went to a small garden at the corner of Terry Street and South Ocean Avenue in Patchogue. It is maintained by the Patchogue Garden Club and they have done a really nice job on the plants and flowers. I sketched looking out of one the trellises at the edge of the park. I even caught Reu'ven sketching on the right of the picture.


  1. It's amazing to me how you capture so many details in your paintings, Joan. Wonderful work..

  2. A lovely, intimate sketch Joan, so well observed and inviting. I love seeing pages like this with seperate details and notes, they are so warm and personal. You do them so well. I really should do more things like this myself but since my last trip out, we have had heavy and unrelenting rain!!
    The irises in the previous post are superb too, but then I've said it all before, you and flowers......... There's just something special about that combination!!!

  3. Your sketches are always amazing. I would love to own one of your sketchbooks!! I especially love when you do landscapes or seascapes or gardenscapes.

  4. Thanks so much, Hilda.

    Kevin, many, many thanks for your kind comment. I hope the rain stops so you can get out soon.

    Sherry, thanks! I have several shelves filled with completed sketchbooks.