Monday, May 5, 2014

Flo's in Patchogue

I have sketched Flo's in Rocky Point several times in the last few years. It is an outdoor local fried seafood place with outdoor umbrellas and only outdoor picnic tables. It is seasonal and a fun place to go. The owners decided to also open a year-round location in Patchogue, and it opened very recently. The Patchogue Sketch Club met there the other night. No picnic tables inside but you still go up to the counter to order your food and the menu for the most part is the same with a few new additions. You can sit outside at outdoor picnic tables but we were having heavy rain while we were there. It was a good indoor location for sketching and I focused on a few people ordering at the counter. The big "Flo's" sign is actually on the floor right there, 


  1. Fun sketch! Looks like a great place for fish & chips!

  2. I love places like this Joan ! You really did a great job capturing the casual atmosphere of the restaurant! I particularly love the blackboard!

  3. Just catching up again Joan! Sooo many beautiful sketches since my last visit! Love the sleeping baby, the portrait, the dog swaddled in red, the garden/bric a brac centre the herbs in baskets - all beautiful!

  4. Wonderful sketch Joan! My sister lived in Rocky Point for years and yet I never went into the town.. I went as far as McCarick's ... I never really took pictures then...this is really nice and LOVE your brick work!!!

  5. Tina, thanks! The smell of fried seafood is hard to resist. lol

    Celia - Thanks so much. It is a fun place.

    Wendy - Glad you were able to stop by and catch up. Thanks.

    Hilda - Flo's is a fun place. Thank you.