Friday, May 9, 2014

Once again this year I am participating in the Every Day in May Challenge (EDM).
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the challenge, it has been going on for several years.
A list of items to sketch is provided and you do one sketch each day. The sketches are posted on the EDM Flickr. com page and the EDM Facebook page.
Here is the list for this year:
List for 2014

1. A window
2. A knife or blade
3. An umbrella
4. Your thumb
5. Something representing a favorite hobby
6. Something handed down to you or a family relic
7. A microwave oven
8. Something with a mirror image
9. A shadow
10. Something that's cracked
11. Something interesting you saw on a blog or the internet
12. A shelf or mantel and something that sits on it
13. Something that has a shell, or a seashell
14. A glass of juice
15. A cookie
16. A stapler
17. A soap dish or jar of hand soap
18. Something that needs to be polished
19. A rope
20. A fork
21. A close-up part of something
22. A remote control
23. A fan
24. Something you've always wanted
25. A cat
26. A park bench or other outside bench
27. Something dangerous
28. A truck
29. Something that is your favorite color
30. Something you bought while on a trip
31. Some paper money 
Here are my sketches for Week 1.


  1. Great idea and you have done some brilliant pics already. Good luck with the rest and I look forward to seeing every single one.

  2. Excellent sketches, Joan. I love the thumb...drawing the hands are difficult but you did a wonderful job!!!

  3. Good golly, Joan! These are fabulous sketches! Love the bit of reflection on the knife. You definitely see the details! Going on a bit of a ride today. I just may print out this list and drag a sketchbook along!

  4. Thanks Polly, Hilda, and Sherry!

  5. A fabulous start Joan! I love all of these!

  6. Great work Joan! I love the diversity of the subject matter!

  7. All great drawings but that's not AN umbrella.its two at least. :))

    1. LOL I never said I could count.

  8. Great start Joan. What a challenge though. Good luck with the rest.

  9. Always a treat visiting your blog, love your May challenge sketches.

  10. These are great! I love challenges like this (even when I don't always finish them). I'll have to remember to check back for the rest of the month.