Sunday, May 11, 2014

Crab Meadow

Last week I joined a few friends at Crab Meadown in Northport for a bit of painting.
The tide was really low so a lot of the sand was showing. It is a pretty spot.


  1. wow!! this is beautifully painted, Joan!! Gorgeous colors in the sand and bushes...and the perfect sky!! I really love this one!

  2. It is a gorgeous spot indeed, Joan!! Love this painting...combine trees, grasses, waters and you have one of my favorite locations on the planet!

  3. This is beautiful Joan! Great atmosphere to it.

  4. Dear Joan - this is gorgeous - far more than a sketch. Just beautiful. So glad you share it. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  5. Thanks, Hilda. It is a nice spot. I went back a second time this weekend.

    Sherry - Give me a water scene and I'm usually happy. Thanks.

    Joan - Did you get back there the other day? We missed you.

    Wendy - Thanks so much.

    Debbie - Thanks. This wasn't just a sketch. It is 8 x 10.