Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Islip Marina

Last week on one of our damp, drizzly days I went to the Islip Marina. I sat in my car to sketch this sailboat and a bit of the dock behind it. This was done in my Stillman & Birn Beta Sketchbook.


  1. Sorry I've not visited, it's taking so long to do so at the moment, and then everything crashes! This is a lovely fresh looking sketch Joan and I love all the animals in the previous post but, I'm saving the best for last. My favourite is crab meadow, what an absolutely wonderful picture, brilliant work Joan!!!!!

  2. This is beautiful, Joan! You know, I think I need to drive to one of the marinas around here. I find myself at a loss for ideas when I have the sketchbook!

  3. Lovely painting Joan. I've actually just ordered myself a Stillman & Birn Beta, I've heard a lot about them and thought I would give one a try.

  4. Joan - the colors are just brilliant in this piece...makes me think of summer and the Fourth of July. Hope you have a wonderful week-end.

  5. Thanks soooo much Kevin!

    Sherry - We have so many that it is so easy to do. Thaks.

    Ann - Thanks. I hope you enjoy the S&B.

    Debbie - I'm sure they will be loading up the boats for some sailing. Thanks. Enjoy!!

  6. Hello Joan!
    Love all of these! I noticed most of them have such great blues and reds!

  7. Love this Joan. Reminds me of where we moved from in CA.