Thursday, May 8, 2014

Orchid Show & Walled Garden

Last Friday I joined a group of artist friends at the Planting Fields Arboretum State Park in Oyster Bay. It is a former Gold Coast estate which belonged to the family of William Robertson Coe since 1913. The grounds and mansion are really lovely.

There was an orchid show going on and we roamed around that taking lots of photos, and some of my friends bought orchid plants. I resisted because I don't have the light to grow anything indoors, so it would be a waste for me. Here are a few of the gorgeous orchids we saw.

Next we headed over to the walled garden behind the Tea House. I have been to this arboretum several times and this was the first time the tea house was open to the public. It was designed by Elsie de Wolfe and there are murals and art decorating the walls, the furniture and the lights.

Finally we did get to paint in the garden. Right now the trees inside the garden and outside were in glorious bloom, so I tried to include some of that with a view toward one of the side gates. 


  1. What a great place and love the orchids. Your garden scene is painted beautifully Joan

  2. A beautiful painting, Joan...and a perfect place to paint. These flowers are absolutely beautiful!!

  3. Nice job on the blossoming trees -- it's hard saving out the whites as well as you did! And the photos of those exotic orchids are great, too!

  4. Oh would I love to have that tearoom as a room in my own house. It is stunning!!! Love your painting of the garden too; it really is beautiful, Joan!

  5. Gorgeous orchids Joan, it looks like you had a day filled with spring colors! Your sketch is the cherry on the cake!

  6. Joan - what a wonderful place to visit. Those orchids were gorgeous but they don't hold a candle to your sketch of the garden. I can just see those lovely flowering trees spreading their blooms everywhere. You always go to such interesting spots. Hope you have a great day.

  7. Wow! What a stunning painting Joan!!! I am in awe!!! You've captured so much atmosphere and old world charm!
    Love the orchid photos too - what glorious specimens they are! Great post!

  8. Thanks, Lorraine!

    Hilda, it was a nice day there. Thanks.

    Tina, those trees were hard to do. Thank you.

    Sherry, I'd like the money to have a tea house like that. lol Thanks.

    Celia, thanks! There was so much to see.

    Debbie - You are too kind. Thanks so much.

    Wendy, thank you!!

  9. This is gorgeous. I love pink trees in bloom. Is this all watercolor? It's really lovely.

  10. Wow, those orchids would make great paintings!

    Your lovely painting reminds me of some of our trips to Skylands Botanical Garden. :)