Thursday, March 20, 2014

Treasures from Dad

Happy Spring!

Over on the Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens blog at the beginning of the month we were sketching things from the kitchen. I decided to  sketch two things that I have from Dad. He had a few beer steins, but I really only remember him using them when his best friends came over. After he passed away I wanted one of the steins. The other one that I remember had a top attached to it.
I'm not sure where that one is or who in the family has it.

The other thing of Dad's that I have is his honing stone for sharpening knives. My mom made a roast beef almost every Sunday, and before carving the roast he would take out his special big knife that he kept in a box and that nobody else ever used. Then he would start to sharpen it. I was always fascinated to watch him slowly pull the knife across the stone over and over. I'm sure from week to week the knife must have been sharp enough, but he would make sure it was so he could cut the roast beef extra thin. You really had to watch our for your fingers when Dad sharpened the kives...just like you had to watch out when my mother decided to wax the floor. lol
Here is dad's honing stone with my knife, not his.


  1. These are great sketches and really wonderful stories about your dad, Joan. I love the stories that are attached to family objects.

  2. What a wonderful post, full of your precious memories. And, lovely paintings of those memories

  3. I love these two pieces, especially moreso because of your family history with them. I think steins are always a work of art. We have one that M bought when he was stationed in Germany back in the late '70s.

  4. Love your blog..... I just realized that the blog "Somewhere to Sketch" is no longer there.... just wondering what happened with it?
    Thanks, Emie

  5. Thanks, Tina. I like stories that go with family objects too.

    Polly, thanks so much.

    Sherry, you are right about the steins. Each one is so different. I don't know where this one came from. Maybe one of my sisters knows.

    Emie, thank you. It was taken down for assorted reasons. I miss doing that one.

  6. Nice job on the beer stein. I don't know who has the one with the lid either. I remember Dad sharpening the knives too. Very sharp!!!