Friday, March 28, 2014

Mountain View Farm

When I go upstate I try to make the trip worthwhile and do more than one sketch. After the sketch below we headed to have lunch and then went and did one more sketch. This is Mountain View Farm which I believe is no longer a working farm. It hasn't looked like anyone was there in a long time. I like it because it has a great shape. I'll have to do the other buildings sometime when I'm up there. There is a  falling down barn that really needs TLC that I would love to sketch. 
This is also about 5 x 7.

If you would like to see my sister's sketches from the day, they are here: (I'm not sure if this will work here)

or you can find the link for "Mickey's Sketches" on my links on the side.


  1. Beautiful sketch, I love these old barns, you have captured its character! I will follow the link, it is nice to see a family working together like yours!

  2. Joan! I so love your barn series! Beautiful! The colors are rich and vibrant! Great work here! (Also love your flower paintings from the other day!)
    Take care buddy!

  3. Really nice. . . is that cross marking a grave next to the stone wall?

  4. You make me want to get out to sketch around here. we have so many cool places like this. you would go crazy. wonderful sketch. does your hubby ever see you? lol you are on the road sketching a lot. :))

  5. This is a great sketch too! I always like sketching this one. It has character.

  6. What an amazing barn this is! I wish it was still in operation because someone has worked hard to maintain this place. Thank you for the link to Mickey's paintings too! I'm off to check them out!

  7. Thanks, Celia! Michelle does beautiful watercolors. You can see them at "Michelle's Watercolors" at the bottom of my links.

    Michael, I have to find a way to locate more of them. Thanks.

    Tina, I think that was a sign that said "Posted" to keep people out. I wonder if it works. lol Thanks.

    Cris, lol I do go out a lot during the day, but he gets to see enough of me. Thank you.

    Mickey - We will have to sketch the one we saw on the way home too. That one looked like we could park to sketch.

    Sherry, thanks so much. The farms up there are slowly disappearing and it is sad to see.