Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Last week I took a drive over to the Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay (see post below). Every year from February to mid-March the camellias in the Camellia House near the main house that is part of the estate are in bloom. It is a beautiful sight and I was afraid I had missed it. With all the snow we had this winter I kept putting off going because I figured the grounds there would be messy with snow, ice, and mud. And then I went away to South Carolina for a workshop. I decided to chance it and go see if they were still in bloom. Of course it wasn't as dramatic as some years because many of the trees had already lost their blooms, but there were definitely enough trees in bloom to make me happy.

The day was sunny but cold. At the Camellia House the sun was shining through the glass windows of the greenhouse and it was warm enough that they had the doors open for ventilation. It was perfect for sketching!!! I sketched two to a page, directly in pencil lines first. It was a nice quiet day during the week so there were no crowds to get in my way, and the few people who were walking around were very polite and loved my sketches.


  1. Of course they would love these sketches, Joan... these flowers are so paint them perfectly....!!!!

  2. Joan these are absolutely stunning! I love camellias and you have captured them perfectly. Very impressive that you didn't draw anything in first.
    Just out of interest, when you usually sketch, do you usually use ink or pencil or both for the line work or does it vary?

  3. Gorgeous floral portraits! So happy that you didn't miss these after all!

  4. How beautiful these are, Joan! I am immediately reminded of old floral wallpapers or books with their beautiful hand painted images. Really so very pretty!

  5. These are really pretty! I'm glad you didn't miss them.

  6. Joan taking a break to visit - gorgeous flowers. I am so glad there were some for you to share with us. Have a lovely day.

  7. Hilda - Thank you!

    Wendy - Thanks! I usually sketch in pencil first. Sometimes I use ink first and sometimes I use watercolor first. Once in a while I try going directly in watercolor or directly in ink.

    Tina - I would have hated to have missed them. Thanks!

    Sherry - Yes, they do look like those flowers. We had wallpaper and slipcovers like that growing up. Thank you.

    Mickey - Thanks!

    Debbie - Hope you are getting your spring chores done. Thanks for stopping to look.

  8. Gorgeous work on your camillias Joan especially the white one and with no lines first. Impressive. I'm glad you enjoyed your day and that it was so productive for you.