Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kitchen Sketches

I have been participating on the "Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens" blog and our theme for the beginning of the month was "Kitchens." Please feel free to click on the link at the top right to see what we have done, or even to join us. Since I was traveling for part of the month I used some sketches that I had already done for some of the days. Here are a few that I don't think I posted here and a few brand new ones.

Some bok choy waiting to be cooked.

A bottle of white balsamic vinegar.

Coffee maker, knives, and loaves of Italian bread.

My fridge and part of my cabinets and counters.

My stove area...cleaned up using "artistic license."


  1. Fun sketches! Cleaning up with artistic license sure is easier than cleaning up in reality! :-)

  2. Each of these is so comforting to me, for some reason. Maybe just knowing you are there? Anyway, especially love the bok choy and that balsamic vinegar bottle!

  3. Tina - LOL You are right, that cleaning up with artistic license is much easier. Thanks.

    Sherry - Thanks so much. It is amazing how much there is to sketch in a kitchen.

  4. Love your kitchen pictures Joan. I love the nuance in the greens of your bok choy and the vinegar bottle is beautifully done! Oh if only artistic license could be used in real life! It would be like having a magic wand!