Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bayport Flower House

The local nurseries and garden centers are slowly getting ready for Spring.
I sketched this from my car in the parking lot at the Bayport Flower House. I was hoping for some actual flowering plants outside, but I guess it is still a bit too cold for that.


  1. Guess it wont be long and this nursery will be over flowing with colour. For us the days are closing in, definitely cooler and the leaves on the vine turning those beautiful red and gold shades

  2. Lovely work this past week Joan! This painting is great and makes me want to be able to wander around inside. I love visiting nurseries and garden centres and it would be great to see what they look like in your neck of the woods. Even though we get a great insight into life in America through the movies, we don't often get to see such everyday things as this. That's what I particularly love about blogging!

  3. Beautiful painting, Joan. I look forward to all the flowers filling the nurseries as well!

  4. Love the wrought iron gate hidden in those trees. And is that goose a statue for a yard? He looks quite comfy right where he is at!

  5. Love the idea that flowers will soon be planted. Very nice painting Joan.

  6. Lorranine - Thanks. I can't wait to see color everywhere instead of all the winter brown we are seeing.

    Wendy - Blogging does give us a great glimpse of what the rest of the world is like...more alike than we sometimes think. lol Thanks.

    Hilda - Soon....thank you.

    Sherry - The goose is ready for a home in someone's garden.