Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Murrell's Inlet

Fairly close to where the collage workshop was held in South Carolina is an area called Murrell's Inlet. You have palm trees and beach grasses and pelicans, egrets, and gulls sometimes. In the last few years they built this boardwalk that runs through much of it, but I like the spots without the boardwalk because you can see sitting down without the railing obscuring your view.

There were some people fishing in front of us. I sketched one woman. 
The corner of the boardwalk nearest to us was decorated and they were going to have a wedding ceremony there, but we left before the wedding party showed up.

I sketched one palm tree by itself.


  1. When did you sketch the woman and thhe lone palm tree?????? You can't be that fast. LOL

  2. Joan! Love these! The marsh, palm trees, and women fishing, all works so well together! You are the best! I wish I could produce a fraction of the great work you do! Bravo my friend!
    Michael Lover Of Marshes!

  3. You had an incredibly productive week if you also found time to sketch while you were in SC. The landscape is gorgeous as are the other two, great color choices! It is a nice spot for a wedding.

  4. Great textures and colours Joan. Love the warms against the fresh blues along the water.

  5. Mickey - LOL You know I paint faster than you. Those are tiny ones.

    Michael - Thanks so much.

    Celia - Thanks. We stayed over an extra day to have time to go out and sketch.

    Laura - Thank you.

  6. Wonderful sketches, Joan. Your proportions on your figure are excellent and this is such a beautiful place.

  7. Dear Joan - super drawings...makes me so want to walk that beach and feel those balmy breezes (lol)! Hope you had lots of fun.

  8. Thanks Sherry. It is a pretty spot.

    Debbie, I would love to be feeling the balmy breezes today. It is mighty windy and cold here in NY today. Thanks.