Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stained Paper Collage - Day 1

I am taking a stained paper collage with Gerald Brommer down at Springmaid Watermedia at Myrtle Beach. I've taken several classes with Jerry him before, including this one. My sister and I each did a lot of paper staining before coming down here so we be prepared to start collaging.

The first things we did yesterday were 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 abstracts. One in a bridge shape, one in a T shape, and the other in a cruciform shape. Jerry had us work in two colors with the addition of black if we wanted. One important thing was to use a variety of widths. Also to make the center of interest more detailed than the rest of the collage. The COI should have smaller pieces and more detail and the detail should diminish the further you go from the COI. We added lines, paint, and gouache to make the parts of the collage connect to the outer areas.

Here is my bridge collage.

Here is my cruciform collage, which happens to be my favorite of this group.

And my T shape collage.

It has been a long day today. We were up at 6 am to take a walk on the beach. It was cold, and cloudy so we were bundled up with winter coats, hats, gloves, etc, but our faces were freezing.
Yesterday we had a gorgeous sunrise, but today it was gray and cloudy. 

We were in the studio from 9 - 4 with a break for lunch. Then we exercised in the indoor pool, came back and showered and then headed to cocktails and dinner. After dinner there was a presentation and then we went back to the studio to prepare more stained paper for tomorrow. We were back in our room around 10. I'm ready for bed and then we will start this all over tomorrow.


  1. These are gorgeous, Joan! And a very interesting lesson in COI and composition. Thanks for sharing... will look forward to what you do tomorrow.

  2. This photo truly exemplifies the soul soothing I get from clouding days. The cool colors are so peaceful and refreshing for me. I must say your collages look awesome and I love the juxtaposition of paint, paper, and fibers you have used.

  3. Joan I have always admired Gerald Brommer's work - this looks like a great workshop - your stained papers looks super! Have fun friend - too bad it is so cold down there - strange weather - it should be warm.

  4. Nice collages Joan, I would love to take a workshop with him, your days do sound very busy but how wonderful is that

  5. Tina - Thanks. It is fun to be with so many people creating pieces...but it is exhausting.

    Sherry - Thanks so much. I love doing collages but never seem to get around to doing them at home. lol

    Debbie - Thanks. This is the 4th workshop I have taken from Jerry. He is so great. It will be warm next week when we go home.

    Lorraine - It is fun to be busy creating and doing something a bit different. Thanks.