Monday, March 17, 2014

Caroline Church of Brookhaven

With the lack of leaves on the trees it is easy to see through to the architecture you don't always notice. I don't know why this is the Caroline Church of Brookhaven since it is in the town of Setauket. Some times things don't make much sense. Anyway this church is always fun to sketch.


  1. Wonderful! I've grown fond of all the bare trees to sketch this winter... but I'll still be happy when the leaves show up!

  2. I love the play of greens and darks against the white of the church and fence. A lovely place!

  3. Love those tall pines, Joan! A gorgeous church and I love the word, "Setauket!"

  4. Joan - very lovely...don't you just love those old churches...they always evoke a certain nostalgia in me. Hope you are having a great day.

  5. Great contrast of the trees against the white church. Lovely spot

  6. Tina - I like the bare trees, but I'm definitely ready to see some buds. lol Thanks.

    Celia - Thank you. It is a pretty spot.

    Sherry - Thanks. A lot of the towns names here are of Native American origin. Setauket is one of them. The name "Setauket" is derived from the historic Algonquian-speaking Setalcott Indians, who had lived in the area at the time of English settlement.

    Debbie - Thank you. Each church has its own unique look and character and I"ve always loved looking at the small cemeteries next to them.

    Polly - Thanks so much.