Sunday, September 22, 2013

Visiting and Painting

On Thursday I had the opportunity to visit with a friend that I met through the internet years ago. She and I have followed and enjoyed each other's work on WetCanvas as well as on our blogs, and finally met in person last year. Lin Frye who is listed along the right side of my blog is a wonderful watercolor artist. She lives in NC and was in NY to spend time with family for the week. My other friend, Susan and I took Lin to the Bayard Cutting Arboretum to take photos, plein air paint,
and visit with each other. We had a great time!

We took photos by the dahlias but decided to paint the sunflowers against the white barn. This is 5 x 7.

Here is my painting against the backdrop of sunflowers.

Here are Susan, myself, and Lin. (Luckily I remebered how to use the timer.)

And Lin and myself painting.
(photo curtesy of Susan Toplitz)


  1. You have some wonderful places to go paint. Love your sunflowers and barn painting. :)

  2. What a wonderful reunion and beautiful painting! One of these days I'd love to visit NY and sketch with you, Joan! :-)

  3. It's great to meet friends made on blogs through art in person! I too have had this honor! I love your sunflowers and barn! Both favorite subjects of mine mostly with photography and textile art!

  4. This is so fun!It looks like an enjoyable day painting with beautiful results. I love your sunflowers!

  5. Joan, it is lovely to see you and your painting friends all enjoying a gorgeous day. Love your painting - great idea holding it up to the scene too.

  6. A great painting and I am sure a wonderful day. What a great treat to be able to meet up with internet friends and paint together.

    On a side note, what type of board do you use for your paintings? I am always looking for new ideas that are light and durable.

  7. I so much enjoyed our time together, Susan and Susan!!! Fun, inspiring, marvelous company as well as views!!! Thank you so much for a great afternoon!! Hope we can get together again very soon!

  8. A beautiful little piece, Joan. I love the barn surrounded with sunflowers. So idyllic!

  9. Thanks, Chris!

    Tina - Maybe some day we will get to sketch together. Yeah! Thanks.

    Lynn - I've been know to show up on people's doorsteps. lol Thank you.

    Celia - It was a gorgeous day. After painting we just sat in the garden talking.

    Ann - Thanks. I need a smaller board. That one blocked too much of the view.

    Jacqui - Thanks. I bought these plastic sort of corrugated boards that are the size of backing boards. I just cut them into smaller pieces. They are nice and light and I can keep a couple in my bag ready at all times.

    Lin - It was really a perfect day...the company, the flowers, and the weather. I'm so glad we were able to get together.

    Sherry - Thanks so much. It is such a nice spot.

  10. There isn't anything better than meeting our blog friends, Joan.. and painting together is the added treat. You did such a beautiful painting of the sunflowers!!!

  11. Dear Joan - what a beautiful painting and such a great moment to see you with your friends as well. I too enjoy Lin's blog and her art. What a wonderful time for all of you. Have a great fall day.

  12. Hilda - Thanks! You are so close we have to meet some day!

    Debbie - Thanks! Isn't her art great? I loved seeing how she creates her work.