Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chairs on the Porch

I always find such interesting houses to paint in Sayville.
I would love to be sitting there looking out.


  1. Great flowers and brickwork and I love the shadow on the wall, it really provides realism. A really engaging sketch. Top job!!!

  2. Home is home and any home that has charm would be a place I'd love to be. A wonderful painting, Joan!

  3. Ah Joan - I love a porch and this one is lovely. You caught the texture in the brickwork and the lovely white chairs with the red cushions are so inviting. Take care and have a great week end.

  4. It really is the perfect place to sit with a cup of tea or Red wine..!! Beautifully painted, Joan.

  5. Oh I love this painting. I would love to sit there too.

  6. Kevin - Thanks so much. The shadow and the chairs are what called me to paint it.

    Sherry - I love it too. Thanks.

    Debbie - I always love houses with porches. Thank you.

    Hilda - I'll take either the tea or the wine. Want to join me. Thanks.

    Chris - Thank you!

  7. Hi Joan!
    Love all your latest art work. So hard to keep up with your great posts!
    I am out here though checking out your wonderful watercolors!
    I love this one so much. Another favorite of mine! Love the brick work, the reds, love the greens, the composition and so much more. Nice!!