Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Out on the Point

I took a ride up to the north fork of Long Island the other day and went to the Jamesport town beach.
During the summer it is closed to anyone who isn't a resident, but now that the summer season is over it is open to the public. I parked and walked in a little near the marina and found this wonderful house on the point. This is 4 x 10.


  1. You've done a wonderful job here Joan. What a lovely scene, some really lovely greens in the foreground. Super stuff!!!

  2. Gorgeous home that has me wondering if there tends to be a lot of sand on the inside too. What a prime spot to build. Wonderful sketch, Joan!

  3. Thanks, Kevin!

    Sherry - If I had a house like that I could put up with a little sand inside too. Thanks!

  4. Lovely painting Joan, and this place sounds lovely too.

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  6. Joan - love this piece...the house and the feel of summer's end comes across - I feel as if I am there looking in. So very lovely.