Monday, September 2, 2013

Governors Island - Part II

This is a continuation of my sketching day on Governors Island begun below.

Fete Paradiso was taking place all summer on Governors Island. Vintage French carousels, rides, and games from the late 19th & early 20th century had been brought over and set up for the public. We had lunch from a stand selling French food and ate on a pavillion built from a former French bumper car ride. While eating we were entertained by a French chanteuse singing French songs. What a mood that provided! During lunch some of the sketchers continued to draw
...mostly each other and people sitting near us.

I did a woman at another table with her cell phone in hand.

When we finished lunch a few people left but a few of us remained to begin sketching the amusements.

I began with the Bouffe Balle Game in which the player tosses balls in the mouths of the characters.

I know that the characters in the game included Charlie Chaplain and Josephine Baker, but I don't know the others. Maybe you can tell from the actual photo.

I also sketched a carousel horse that wasn't part of a working carousel.

Here is an actual photo of the horse.

I moved over to sketch a carousel with some unusual animals. This one was working.

By this time it was nearly 5:30 and we were tired and hot. The humidity was getting to us. We decided to head over near the ferry and see if we could get something cold to drink. What we found was Water Taxi Beach which had a bar, food, sand, palm trees, and a wonderful view of the city.

We got cold drinks and sat at a picnic table to sketch the view. A couple was sitting under the palm tree posing for us. You can see a view of the Brooklyn Bridge on the right of my sketch.

The last ferry departs from Governors Island at 7, so we decided to take the 6:30 ferry back hoping it wouldn't be as crowded. We did have to stand on line for a bit, but got seats for the return trip.

I have to say that by the time we got home (about 8pm) we were exhausted! It was a long day out in the heat and we were carting our supplies all over the island. Was it worth it? Definitely!!!


  1. LOVE the carousel and the horse jumping the white fence is fantastic....wonderful sketches, Joan!!!!

  2. Ah, that I could stand the heat and bugs and sweating...If I could, this day sounds just absolutely exquisite, Joan!! Love your sketches, especially the carousel horse. I always find them so beautiful!

  3. me too, love the horse on the fence, what a super garden sculpture that'd be. How do you get so many done all the time, and all so lovely, brill...

  4. Thanks Hilda, Sherry, and Kat!

    Kat - We were there from 10am until 6:30 pm. Some of the sketches were real small...but some were not.

  5. Really great sketches Joan. That one of the old carousel house looks like it's trying to escape!

    I hope to see you at another urban sketchers soon.

  6. Joan, thanks for bringing me to your blog. Fun to meet another artist who seems to like to draw and paint the same life I draw and paint! Some of these things would be very challenging for me. We have a merry go round in town, I should give it a try. And your horse impressed me as well! Ill be back!

  7. Thanks, Carol! It was really a great spot to many different subjects. Susan said she could spend a week there.

    Lynn - Thanks for stopping by! It is always fun to meet new artists. I'm going to put your blog under my links so I can visit easily.