Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Suffolk Theater

Happy Spring!!!
Today was a sunny but cold day here on Long Island. I decided to drive out to Riverhead to shop in the outlets and then sketch. The Suffolk Theater on Main Street in Riverhead recently had it's grand-opening after being renovated. It is a unique Art Deco theater that opened in 1933.
I am so glad that people are willing to preserve places like this. Too many are being lost.
This is about 6 x7 in my Stillman & Birn Alpha Journal.


  1. Joan!
    You are such a rocking hard working great artist!
    I can't keep up with your wonderful posts!
    So, they are all great!
    I mean it!
    I am so glad you painted the Suffolk Theater! And a fantastic painting it is!
    We are both so glad that these wonderful works of architecture are being saved!
    Great work of art Joan!

  2. Hi Joan. This is a test to see if my first comment is working! Hopefully I can go sketching with you soon. Nice color and details on the theater.

  3. Nice job on the brickwork! I love these old theaters.

  4. Reminds me of the movie "The Majestic" which my daughter and I saw together on Christmas day back when she was in high school. Lovely and I agree with your sentiments, Joan.

  5. Thanks Michael, Susan, Tina, and Sherry!

    Yeah, you are commenting, Susan!

  6. Thanks Michael, Susan, Tina, and Sherry!

    Yeah, you are commenting, Susan!

  7. What a lovely memory of your trip. Nice when these buildings are saved for future generations too isn't it.

  8. I'm glad they decided to preserve this building instead of knocking it down....Riverhead is a lovely town with so many old buildings!! This is a beautiful sketch, Joan!!!!

  9. Ann - Thank you.

    Hilda - I'm glad there are still people fighting to preserve buildings like this. Thanks.