Saturday, March 9, 2013

Judy Morris Workshop - Day 4

Today Judy showed us how she attaches small beads to a painting. What an interesting idea! She used it on one of her paintings with silver foil and it is just gorgeous.

We spent a good deal of the morning doing critiques of the paintings everyone was working on this week. I think we learned a lot from seeing what was needed or corrected in each other's works.
Judy used a watermedia acetate paintable film to show what could be done to some of the paintings. It is a handy device.
She also explained how a "transition line" could be used between light and dark areas to soften the contrast. It really makes a difference. I used it a lot in the oriental lantern painting.
She also uses a magnifying and reducing glass to examine a painting to decide if it is "finished."
Judy also stressed that there is a time when the reference photo is no longer important. Put it away and let the artist take over.

I finished the Paris painting. Here is the finished piece. I used transition line in a soft peach on the diagonal pipe and the thin pieces of the antennas. I used a stencil for the pattern in the windows, and stamped rigged cardboard for the texture on the roof. What do you think? 

Here is my beach painting. It already had the stencil letters on it when I started. I added the saying in gold gesso on the bottom.


  1. What a lot of great ideas and techniques you are learning, Joan! I'm impressed and inspired!

  2. Your Paris painting has turned out so must be pleased with these.

  3. I like both pieces very much, Joan, but especially the Paris rooftop painting. It almost transports me to Paris!

  4. Joan!! These are spectacular!!! It looks like an amazing workshop!! LOVE all of your paintings -- and these are simply out of this world!!

  5. Thanks everyone, I really like the techniques we learned.

  6. Your Paris rooftop painting is spectacular. I just noticed the woman on the balcony. I really like your pipe and antennae. The writing in the sky works really well. And your beach painting makes me long for the summer.