Sunday, March 10, 2013

Judy Morris Workshop - Day 5

Friday was our wrap-up day in class. We finished paintings, had a critique, and got our paintings ready for gallery night. Judy also gave us a list of when to stop working on our paintings which included reaching for your smallest brush or when nothing is abrasive.

I finished my Chinese lantern painting. As you can see it is a bit different from the original look it had. I darkened the awning above the lanterns. It was too distracting as a light color. I did some wiping out with a stencil in the window areas of the building and I used transition lines around all the lanterns.
I was really happy with the way this one came out.

In the evening on Friday we had gallery night. All the artwork was hung on the walls on the third floor of the conference center and we had appetizers and cocktails while we walked around looking at all the paintings.
Here are some photos from gallery night.

Me with my Paris painting.

Me with my lanterns.

My sister Michelle, (Mickey) with her painting of the mission church in Texas.

Each person in the class did a beach painting. Here are some photos of the collection which were hung together.

And a few close-ups.

Here is a photo of most of the group that made up our class.

That's Judy Morris in the front middle with the glasses.
It was definitely a great workshop and I would highly recommend taking a class with her.


  1. I enjoyed reading all about your workshop and was very impressed by your final paintings. Sounds like you had a great time and learned a lot.

  2. Looks like you have added some great techniques by taking this workshop

  3. Joan, your finished painting is adorable. What a fabulous week. Love your sister's Mission too. It looks like everyone had a wonderful week.

  4. Wow! All of these paintings are wonderful, Joan. It looks like you all had a great time and it definitely looks like a successful workshop. LOVE the Chinese writing!!

  5. It looks like a great class indeed and you all got some gorgeous paintings out of it! I'd take it if she was here in IL ever (and I had the money and didn't have to miss work! LOL).

  6. Joan just caught up with your weeks' adventure. Both of your paintings are fab but I particularly like Paris possibly because of the texture techniques used. What a great course with novel ideas. Lucky you.

  7. Thanks Carol, Lorraine, Maggie, Hilda, Sherry, and Laura! I really enjoyed the class and the techniques are so interesting.

  8. Your lanterns are gorgeous! Workshops are so much fun!

  9. This was a great workshop, and I had so much fun! You did a good job with the explanations and WIP photos.

  10. Joan - the lanterns are super. It looks like you all had so much fun and learned as well. Nice that you and your sister got to share this workshop. Thanks for taking me to visit.