Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On Saturday my plan was to put up my Christmas tree and then if I had the energy to go out and paint a nighttime Christmas scene. So I called my friend, Susan, and asked her if she wanted to come out and play. When it was dark we went over to a Christmas tree lot nearby. Imagine our delight when we pulled up to see Santa, 2 big white horses, and a carriage. Santa was giving rides to customers but luckily for us he was not too busy and always returned to the same spot right in front of my parked car. With a bit of light from my car we were able to capture Santa in action. I sketched him while he was feeding the horses. I also did some editing and only put in one horse.

And here is my decorated tree.


  1. Dear Joan thanks for your lovely comments and visit - your sketch is wonderful and I am so glad you shared your beautiful tree. Hope you are getting in the spirit of the season. God Bless!

  2. A very nice Santa painting, Joan!!! and love your Christmas tree. Last night Santa came around my area in the fire truck waving to the little ones...THEN, they received a call and all we saw was Santa speeding away, holding his beard very tightly before it blew away.! pretty funny.

  3. Joan, beautiful sketch and I love your tree. I spy the lobster ornament! hmuxo, love your story, too. :)

  4. Joan!
    Festive tree and painting.
    Nice spirit lift!
    Your work is a great beautiful visual chronicle of wondrous daily events!

  5. So colorful and festive -- both the tree and the sketch! I think sketching Santa should be an annual requirement, don't you? :-)

  6. If that isn't a festive painting, I don't know what is!

  7. Debbie - Thanks. I am definitely in the spirit.

    Hilda - Glad Santa made his visit there. Thanks.

    Jo - Thank you!

    Michael - Thanks so much.

    Tina - I swore I was going to the mall to sketch Santa too. I haven't gotten there yet. Thanks.

    Sherry - It was so fun. Thank you!