Wednesday, December 26, 2012

House #4 and Holiday Notes

I hope all of you had a great Christmas!!! I did!

All the house paintings were finished on time to be handed out as gifts yesterday. Everyone loved them and enjoyed my story about trying to paint Barbara's house. Here is the final of the four houses. Again it is 5 x 7.

Christmas Day always seems to pass so quickly. There is so much activity leading up to it and the day itself was so quiet in comparison. We had a lovely time with my husband's family and consumed far too much food. The dessert buffet itself would have been enough. lol

In the hectic bustle before Christmas I was able to find another Santa to paint. This is in a spot I pass every time I go to the mall and each time I pass it I swear I'm going to stop one day to paint it, but usually there is too much traffic to safely pull over. But I passed it the other day and the business there was closed so the traffic wasn't as bad as usual. I don't know what kind of business this sits in front of since it is set back too far off the road to really see it. Seeing the tractor you would think it was farm/plant related, but I have no idea. I just liked Santa sitting there. lol


  1. Dear Joan - so glad you had a wonderful Christmas - we survived as well (LOL) and yes far too much food. Thanks for your lovely visit to my blog - your santa looks like one we would have here on a tractor - which will be put to good use to clear the snow out (getting 8-12 inches in the next few hours) - looking forward to seeing all your lovely sketches in the New Year - Have a Happy one!!

  2. You're so right, Joan. I cooked all day and in one hour..poof, it was over. LOL. But it was wonderful having the family all together. This house painting is very the greens of the bushes and lawn....and wonderful Santa....

  3. This made me smile, Joan. I love Santas! And it sure did go by quickly!

  4. Glad you had a great Christmas Joan. We did too. Everything stops for a thankful rest after Christmas Day lunch and all the build-up and celebrations before hand. The thing is it all starts again at New Years... lol Enjoy!!!

  5. Debbie - Thanks so much! Hope the storm isn't too bad for you.

    Hilda - LOL Time just flies. Thanks!

    Sherry - Thank you!

    Laura - I like having fun things to do through the week between Christmas and New Years. Thanks!

  6. These are wonderful, Joan -- love each of them!!! I'm so glad you have a joyous Christmas, we did too and continue now with my daugher's family .... You are so right -- there is so much activity LEADING up to the holiday, and the day itself is almost too quiet in comparison! Wishes for a joyous New Year!