Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Well the painting from yesterday was loved by Heike and her staff! They were all fighting over where to put it in the salon and who would get to see it all the time in the shop. lol I told Heike about painting in the rain and how I saw her pull up and block my view for a few minutes. She thought that was so funny.
Yesterday I drove into Sayville and saw this guy on a ladder painting Christmas decorations on the outside windows of the Sayville Modern Diner. I wonder what kind of paint they use that stays on the outside windows in all kinds of weather...definitely not watercolors. lol


  1. Joan,,
    You had me laughing while picturing the man trying to paint on the glass with watercolors!
    This is a wonderful scene. Especially picturing you, a painter painting a painter. Great idea.
    Keep on painting!

  2. Glad to hear Heike and her crew loved your gift! I like this clip of daily life in Sayville too!

  3. A beautiful painting, Joan!! I bet this man loves his job!! It looks like fun!

  4. Your paintings are so lovely and personal, like diary entries.
    Happy Painting and Happy Holidays!

  5. These paintings are so much fun. You do beautiful and meaningful work. Hope your holidays are joyous along with Christmas!

  6. Thanks, Michael!

    Sherry - Thanks so much.

    Hilda - He did a great job. Thanks.

    Thanks so much, Nora!

    Jo - Thank you!

  7. Another wonderful work!! Love how you capture these 'moments' Joan!