Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Trip to Manhattan

Yesterday I was meeting two friends in Manhattan to see the Christmas decorations. I took the LIRR (Long Island Railroad) into the city. The ride takes about 1 hr 15 min so I had a bit of time to sketch one of the commuters.
Once I got into the city I had about an hour before I was meeting my friends so I walked as quickly as I could from Penn Station on 33rd Street up to 48th St and Sixth Ave where these huge red balls caught my eye. So I found a spot and sat and sketched.
By the time I was nearly done my friends had arrived and the rest of the day was spent walking around Manhattan, especially the shops in Bryant Park and the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. Here are a few photos from my day.
The skaters in Bryant Park.
The tree in Bryant Park.
Decorations along Sixth Avenue.
The angels in Rockefeller Center.
And the Rockefeller Center tree.


  1. Dear Joan - this is lovely sketches and pictures of New York - I especially love the tree at Rockefeller Center. Really puts me in the mood to go to the city and take in some of the beautiful lights of the season. Thanks for stopping by to visit me too.

  2. Oh Joan!!! I love these sketches!!! Especially the Christmas ornaments!! I saw them Sunday when I went to Manhattan with my daughter to see the Christmas Show ...
    Maybe that was me you sketched on the LIRR! LOL.

  3. Hey! I have very similar pics as you from my trip to NY last week! Unfortunately I did not have time to create lovely sketches like you did.

  4. Joan, I do so love your sketches. And they say everything is bigger in Texas? I'd say New York might have them beat with Christmas decorations.

  5. Oh what fun, Joan!!! I spent one Thanksgiving holiday in Manhatten and was so excited by all the decorations, trees, ENERGY of that place! You've captured it all so well here!

  6. you picked a beautiful day to walk around. It was almost spring-like yesterday. Love your sketches. Hope to sketch again with you soon. I'm going to Radio City tomorrow night to see the Christmas show and I always remember those red ball ornaments. Now when I see them I will think of you.

  7. Debbie - Thanks so much!!

    Hilda - Thanks! The city was so much fun but exhausting!

    Nora - I went into the city early just so I could sketch. Thanks so much.

    Sherry - LOL NYC does like thinks big at the holidays. Thanks.

    Lin - I would have loved to have more time to sketch, but shopping and seeing the decorations was important too. Thank you.

    Carol - Thanks. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Enjoy the show!

  8. I love the big Christmas balls, and the photo of the big tree lights too. NYC has so many cool things at Christmas!