Saturday, December 8, 2012


This week's model at the SBAA portrait group was Barbara.
This is about 5 x 7.
Everyone always looks so serious when they pose. lol


  1. Excellent portrait, Joan.! I love the serious pose...I've gone to live model workshops and find it very did very well!!!

  2. It's true! Everyone is so serious when they pose. I try to smile when I sit but that can look kinda phoney-baloney! Good portrait.

  3. So very true! Maybe it takes less work to be serious?
    You are very versatile Joan!
    Great work on such a small surface!
    Barbara should be proud!

  4. Wonderful work, Joan. I am especially intrigued by the perfect job of the hair and lips you did!

  5. Hi Joan! Your portraits are getting better and better!! This is really wonderful!!! Did you get the info about Jean's workshop in October?

  6. Hilda - Thanks so much.

    Nora - Thanks. You are right. I sat for our group once and it is so hard to keep a non-serious face.

    Michael = Thanks!

    Sherry - We have a lot of senior citizens who pose for us. I'm getting used to the challenge. Thanks.

    Lin - Thanks. Yes I got the I need time to look at it.

  7. Dear Joan - you are right about how serious she looks. Doing a great job catching her expression. Hope you have a wonderful day.