Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Graphite Sketches

 Sometimes I like the way my sketches for the Wet Canvas Scavenger Hunts look. These were done for the last hunt #677 which was hosted by my friend, Ai Nukoolkit.

We were asked to sketch a leaf or as a challenge several different leaves.

On the left is my sketch for texture. On the right is something that comes in a pair (flip-flops) as well as something that comes in multiple units (toes).


  1. These are fun little sketches! You're the only one I know who is still doing the scavenger hunt, which I remember from years ago when I was on Wet Canvas when I first started sketching. In fact, I think I met you there! It's cool that you still do it.

    1. It is funny that there are quite a few of us still doing the hunts for years...Jo Castillo, EP, and Ai. I know Jo was doing them before me. People come and go and then sometimes come back. lol

  2. Yep, here I am from the Scavenger Hunts. :-) These are great. The leave looks so delicate and leaf like.