Monday, May 8, 2017

NY Botanical Gardens - Part 4

I tend to paint a lot faster (and smaller pieces) than my friend, Susan. So when we go out painting together I often am finished painting before she is. Since that was the case at the NY Botanical Gardens I walked up "daffodil hill." Looking down the hill toward the field with the blooming trees was another beautiful scene. This one was done directly in watercolor in my sketchbook.


  1. We have had his glass exhibit here several years now and they are such nice compliments to the gardens. He really has become quite the fore known artist and his work is so recognizable. There is a ceiling of his at the Bellagio check in area in Las Vegas. Quite spectacular. I have really been enjoying seeing Spring for the second time, watching your flowers/trees bloom. The pinks have it!!

    1. Nelvia, the Bellagio in Vegas was the first time I saw his work in person. I just love it. It looks so great in the gardens. Glad you are enjoying spring for the second time.