Thursday, May 4, 2017

Clark Botanic Garden & Sketch Night

You know I'm just loving the colors in the trees right now. I had been to Dick Blick in Carle Place to do some retail therapy. About 5 minutes away is Clark Botanic Gardens. It is a small garden but I was hoping that their magnolia trees would be in luck. It seems I missed them...but...this beauty was sitting there crying out to be painted.

The South Bay Art Association held a sketch night last week with a model. Seamus models for us quite often on Tuesday mornings and he was our model for the evening. We were hoping to get more members interested in coming to the sketch group by letting them experience it in the evening. I just don't think most people are available from 10 - noon to sketch. There were about 15 people who showed up in the evening and they all seemed to have a good time. Rather than doing a watercolor portrait which I do on Tuesday mornings, first I did just an ink sketch...not my best.

This one was done with a bit of water-soluble pencil.

I had more fun sketching some of the other sketchers concentrating. This was done directly in ink. The woman on the left said she hadn't sketched from a model since the 1950s and she had a great time.


  1. So much fun seeing the glimpses into your "hidden world"

  2. It is amazing how much you get done. I love the group sketch.