Monday, May 1, 2017

City Sketches

The NYC Urban Sketchers were scheduled to meet at the Museum of the American Indian in downtown Manhattan last weekend. A lot of the sketchers stayed outside to sketch but I wanted to do at least something from the museum. I sketched some of the clothing and artifacts.

I went out and met the other sketchers for lunch in Bowling Green Park. It was beautiful out so I sketched across the park toward the building that houses the museum. I liked the contrast of the red tulips against the white of the building.

I even got to wander outside the park and found the statue of the bull and the new one of the little girl standing in her defiant pose. I know photographers have taken photos with both of them in the same frame, but they must have taken the photo early in the morning before there were any people around. The day I was there it was crazy. Every parent was posing their child next to the statue of the little girl imitating her pose. I was able to snap a photo quickly when one child moved away and before the next one moved in. lol


  1. Love the artifacts sketch. Great job sketching and photos. Thanks.

  2. Dear Joan your sketch of the clothing and artifacts from the Museum are super. Enjoyed seeing the tulips in the park too. Great photos friend. Have a wonderful day. Hugs!

    1. Debbie, the museum was a fun place to sketch. Thanks.

  3. Super sketches Joan - thanks for sharing