Sunday, September 27, 2015

Supermoon Eclipse

Tonight I'm just posting photos. We are presently having a supermoon eclipse. The weather right here is clear and I've taken a few photos.



At this point I finally went and dug out my tripod. It helped. lol

This one was at 10:20pm and is my favorite.

This one was taken at about 11:00.

I'm ready for bed...11:48. Reminds me of a black & white cookie.


  1. I am still out here Joan enjoying your great art! Love these moon photos!
    Really enjoyed your recent cityscapes! Keep on keeping on!

  2. I really enjoy seeing your photos. It is fun to think we were all looking at the moon last night, even in different parts of the world!

  3. Thanks, Michael. Glad you are still out there!

    Celia, thanks. It is fun to know that so many people saw it in so many places.