Thursday, September 3, 2015

Beach Sketches

I have been spending a lot of time at the beach lately, especially since our pool here is closed until the weekend because school has started. The beach offers an endless supply of poses. All of these were done directly in ink.

People at the water, walking, digging, resting and carrying a cooler.

Here are two ladies chatting.

I like to try sketching little kids and hope that they don't just come out looking like short adults.

Here's a bit of a crowd with one guy eating an ice cream.


  1. Doesn't matter which media you use Joan. Ink or wash - they are all great. Really got a smile at the ice cream guy...the lady next to him is quite marvelous!

  2. We went to the Warren Dunes (MI) a couple of weeks ago and saw these same scenes. Great job, Joan!

  3. Wonderful sketches Joan!! I live down the block from the beach and haven't gone one time!!! Shame on me!! Love the last sketch....

  4. Great sketches, captured the feel so well. hmuxo made me smile!!

  5. Thanks, Julie! I love seeing the poses of the people on the beach...just wish they would hold them a little longer.

    Sherry, they are similar everywhere. Thanks.

    Hilda, I can't keep away. Thank you.

    Jo, thanks so much.