Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Saville Modern Diner

The Patchogue Sketch Club met in Sayville last Wed night. Someone had the idea to go down the street and sketch the local diner which has closed and is soon to be transformed into a sushi restaurant. We found that if we sat across the street the driveways and no parking areas made it possible to get a good view. (Most of the street is parked car after parked car.) It turned out to be a great spot and we were able to have coffee from the restaurant we were sitting in front of. The diner building had a lot of character, but I must say that the food wasn't good...no wonder it closed.


  1. What a super sketch Joan - your eye for details never ceases to amaze me. Hope you are having a wonderful week.

  2. Lots of beautiful things to catch up on on your blog Joan! Loved your photos of the moon eclipse! It's great how you are constantly going out and about to do your work - you live such an enriched life because of it!

    I would LOVE to go to a hummingbird sanctuary - I had no idea such things existed!

  3. Thanks, Debbie. You have a great eye for detail too.

    Wendy, thanks....good to see you back. Hope you had great time.